My glassfish password file

password.txt contains the above password values. Glassfish application server doesn't allow you to specify password as command line arguments (or at least it gives warning). Instead, it uses the --passwordfile argument to get passwords from a plain text file, which can only be accessed by the owner.

Nobody can memorize these keys, and several times I forgot where I saved this file. So keep a copy here for future copy-paste.

If the keys in the password file are not what glassfish expected, it gives this warning:
Options specified in passwordfile are either invalid or deprecated. Passwordfile can only be used to specify values for password options. Use of passwordfile to specify values for other options is deprecated. Passwordfile should contain the following format AS_ADMIN_=.


glennji said...

Thanks very much for this! I've started a new job and I'm trying to setup my dev environment to work with SunOne/Glassfish. I could see where it was looking for passwordfile.txt, but not what should be in it.

I owe you a beer.

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