List jndi entries to debug JNDI lookup problems

What will you do if you have a problem with JNDI lookup? Maybe something you think should be there but a JNDI lookup throws NamingNotFoundException instead? I've seen people add the following debug code:
InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
There is a better way of doing that, without adding these debugging statements. In GlassFish, you can use the command "asadmin list-jndi-entries":
C:\>%GLASSFISH_HOME%\bin\asadmin list-jndi-entries
Jndi Entries for server within root context:

foo.FooRemote: javax.naming.Referencecustom:
com.sun.enterprise.naming.TransientContextfoo.FooRemote__3_x_Internal_RemoteBusinessHome__: javax.naming.Reference
jdo: com.sun.enterprise.naming.TransientContext
mail: com.sun.enterprise.naming.TransientContext
foo.FooRemote#foo.FooRemote: javax.naming.Reference
jdbc: com.sun.enterprise.naming.TransientContext
UserTransaction: com.sun.enterprise.distributedtx.UserTransactionImpl
ejb: com.sun.enterprise.naming.TransientContext

Command list-jndi-entries executed successfully.
list-jndi-entries is not recursive and does not list the content of any subcontext. To drill down to a subcontext, specify a --context param:
C:\>%GLASSFISH_HOME%\bin\asadmin list-jndi-entries --context ejbmgmt:
Command list-jndi-entries executed successfully.

C:\>%GLASSFISH_HOME%\bin\asadmin list-jndi-entries --context ejb/mgmt
MEJB: org.glassfish.kernel.javaee.MEJBNamingObjectProxy

Command list-jndi-entries executed successfully.
What if you don't remember the exact command and subcommand? GlassFish can help you find what you mean, as long as you give it a hint. There is never a need to remember these asadmin subcommands in glassfish. For example, this is how I ran the above command:
C:\>%GLASSFISH_HOME%\bin\asadmin jndi
Closest matching command(s): create-jndi-resource
CLI001 Invalid Command, jndi.

C:\>%GLASSFISH_HOME%\bin\asadmin list-jndi-entries


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