Disable NetBeans httpmonitor in GlassFish

I found my GlassFish v2 server.log file is littered with these warning messages:

WARNING *********** NetBeans HTTP Monitor ************
The request cannot be recorded most likely because the
NetBeans HTTP Server is not running....
Here is what I just did to disable and completely remove NetBeans httpmonitor from my GlassFish v2:

1. Open $GLASSFISH_HOME/domains/domain1/config/default-web.xml, delete or comment out the declaration and mapping for servlet filter HTTPMonitorFilter. That is, the following lines:
2. Optionally, delete $GLASSFISH_HOME/domains/domain1/lib/org-netbeans-modules-web-httpmonitor.jar.
Since I don't need this httpmonitor, there is no reason to keep this jar.

3. Redeploy any web applications that was previously deployed when NetBeans HTTPMonitorFilter was in default-web.xml. This step is needed for apps already deployed, because the generated web.xml already contains HTTPMonitorFilter (inherited from the old default-web.xml), and it will not be regenerated even at server restart.

That should get rid of this warning messages. For more technical details, see NetBeans issue 139653 and GlassFish issue 3844.


Varun said...


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