@Resource.lookup and classpath

JavaEE 6 added a new lookup attribute to @javax.annotation.Resource. So one can inject resources like this:

@Resource(lookup = "java:module/env/rate")
private String rate;
Compile the classes:
javac -cp "$GLASSFISH_HOME/modules/*" *Bean.java

EmailBean.java:18: cannot find symbol
symbol : method lookup()
location: @interface javax.annotation.Resource
@Resource(lookup = "java:module/env/rate")
1 error
In GlassFish, all JavaEE classes are in various jars under $GLASSFISH_HOME/modules and its subdirectories. It failed because version 1.0 of javax.annotation.Resource class (and other javax.annotation.* classes) are included in Java SE 6. The use of lookup attribute requires version 1.1 of Common Annotation jar, which is included in JavaEE 6.

To fix it, simply add a -Djava.endorsed.dirs sysprop to override those classes in Java SE 6:
javac -cp "$GLASSFISH_HOME/modules/*" -Djava.endorsed.dirs=$GLASSFISH_HOME/modules/endorsed  *Bean.java
In Eclipse IDE, you just need to put $GLASSFISH_HOME/modules/endorsed/javax.annotation.jar before JRE System Library when configuring Java Build Path.

This should also work with any compliant appserver, though actual jar name and location may vary. The same -Djava.endorsed.dirs sysprop should also be used when running the app.


Frederik Mortensen said...

If you are using Maven, you can also do the following changes to your pom to handle the resource problem:


hedonplay said...

Thanks for your solution.

Anonymous said...

Sun are fucking freaks to come up with different JEE and JSE implementations

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