Double click in NetBeans 6.5 & 6.8 editor

NetBeans 6.x editors handle double-click differently from other applications. In firefox, thunderbird, eclipse, or even terminal, I can doulble-click anywhere in a word to select the whole word, keep the mouse button pressed, and slide forward to expand the selection.

In NetBeans, doing the same will drag the selected word, just like moving the word elsewhere. While it seems cool to be able to drag-and-drop, I don't see any practical value. In java editor, I always avoid drag-and-drop anything, since the selected element often lands in the wrong place when your mouse/pad reaches its end.

Update: It has been fixed in NetBeans 7.1 according to this bug. I installed 7.1 beta just to get this fix.


Andrea Francia said...
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Andrea Francia said...

I used Netbeans from the 6.0 to 6.8 and I never encountered this strange behavior. I used both on Windows and Mac OS X.

The problem should be elsewhere.

javahowto said...

Just upgraded to NetBeans 6.9, still seeing the same behavior.

Andrea Francia said...

I think it depends from your environment, OS or the jdk version.

Matt Connolly said...

Yeah, I just tried Netbeans 6.9 on Mac and it shows the same thing. It's driving me nuts.

Matt Connolly said...

To be clear, the problem happens only with a double-click-drag.

More specifically: mouse button down up down up, then the word is selected as normal.

Mouse button down, up, down and drag to select more words does not select the whole word that received the double click.

Andrea Francia said...

Ok. Now I see. With double-click drag the behavior I see is the same you described.

You may find useful use shift click to expand a selection.

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