Resin to GlassFish Interoperability: Remote EJB Invocation

Resin-to-GlassFish EJB invocation is almost identical to Tomcat-to-GlassFish case. I tested with Resin-4.0.18 with GlassFish 3.1. One minor difference is that Resin has its own bean validation implementation, so GlassFish's bean-validator.jar need not be copied to Resin. The following is the list of 31 GlassFish jars needed for Resin client, in one single line for copying:

cd $GLASSFISH_HOME/modules
cp javax.ejb.jar ejb-container.jar deployment-common.jar dol.jar glassfish-corba-csiv2-idl.jar glassfish-corba-codegen.jar ssl-impl.jar security.jar ejb.security.jar management-api.jar gmbal-api-only.jar gmbal.jar glassfish-corba-asm.jar glassfish-corba-newtimer.jar glassfish-corba-orbgeneric.jar config-types.jar kernel.jar config.jar config-api.jar glassfish-corba-omgapi.jar glassfish-corba-orb.jar orb-connector.jar orb-enabler.jar orb-iiop.jar glassfish-api.jar auto-depends.jar hk2-core.jar internal-api.jar common-util.jar glassfish-corba-internal-api.jar glassfish-naming.jar $RESIN_HOME/lib
To change Resin http port number from the default 8080 to other number (e.g., 7070), edit resin/conf/resin.xml:
<http address="*" port="7070"/>
All the rest, including test app code, deployment & execution steps are exactly the same as in Tomcat exercise. This is the test command & output in resin:
curl http://localhost:7070/test/
testBean.hello(): From test.TestBean@47dccc2


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sorry offtop - but do you have some articles about JK Loader (mod_jk) for glassfish + Apache2 ???

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