1-Minute Quiz: Why is Hyphen Illegal in Identifier?

Why is hyphen (-) an illegal char in Java identifier? Why can't we use variable names like first-name, as we do in xml files? The answer to this question is not hard, but the challenge is, can you answer it in 1 minute. I didn't.

  • First, hyphen is the same symbol as the arithmetic operator minus. So for variables like first-name, we don't know if it's a single variable named first-name, or the numeric variable first minus another numeric variable name. Neither does the compiler. So the easiest solution is to disallow -. XML is a markup mark-up language, not programming language, so hyphen is no problem there.

  • Secondly, hyphen is already used in other operators like ->, though it's not in Java yet. If you have an expression like first-result->second, you don't know if it's a pointer operation, or a comparison between first-result- and second. Java has rejected -> from C++, but maybe one day it will take it from PHP.


Anonymous said...

Because it's a reserved token and Java doesn't require whitespace in unary and binary operations?

Anonymous said...

"-> ...though it's not in Java yet."

Let's hope it never gets into Java syntax...

Anonymous said...
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amar said...

some times you can, not exactly compare but check for hyphen in string.
eg; Pattern.compile("[a-zA-Z0-9,\\._`\' -]*");

but location of hyphen might matter. like placing it at last works.

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