NetBeans Keyboard Shortcuts on Refrigerator Door

I printed 2 copies of NetBeans Keyboard Shortcuts, and placed one above my desk in office, and the other on my refrigerator door at home. You can get the shortcut cheatsheet (PDF file) from withint NetBeans: Help | Keyboard Shortcuts. You can also directly open this PDF file in nb-install-dir/nb5.0/shortcuts.pdf.

Among the numerous shortcuts in NetBeans, I only use a small fraction, maybe 10%. From time to time when I stand in front of the frig, I will find some good shortcuts I didn't know, or I knew before but haven't used for a while. Here are just a few that I use in NetBeans Java editors, and some in XML editor as well:

Ctrl-L/K: insert next/previous matched word
Ctrl-E: delete current line
Ctrl-Del: delete the next word
Ctrl-Backspace: delete the previous word
Ctrl-Mouse Hover: make the current element a hyperlink

Missing from the default shortcuts for Save All, usually Ctrl-Shift-S. Although I can customize all shortcuts in NetBeans, I would like to see this out of the box. To customise NetBeans 5 keyboard shortcuts, go to Tools | Options, click keymap in the left panel, and choose from the list of keymaps (Eclipse, Emacs, NetBeans). In NetBeans 4.x, you need to open Tools | Keyboard Shortcuts.

A couple of times, I pressed Ctrl-Shift-S to save all files, without realizing this shortcut has not been defined. Then I couldn't figure out why my changes didn't show up when running the modified code. Even worse, custom keyboard shortcuts in my NetBeans 5.0 are not imported into NetBeans 5.5 beta. Are you telling me I need to recreate those shortcuts, or manually copy a config file?


Anonymous said...

Shortcuts import from 5.0 into 5.5 should be working. However, there is currently a bug:


Don't worry, it will be fixed inside fcs ;)


howto said...

Max, thanks for the update. NB team, keep up with the great work!

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