Java Annotations with No Target

Perhaps you would expect every Java annotation to have one or multiple targets, indicating where it can be applied, either on a class, method, field, or some combination. It's correct for the most part, but it also turns out some java annotations have no target. Their target() field is an empty array. For example,

  • javax.ejb.ActivationConfigProperty:

    public @interface ActivationConfigProperty
  • javax.persistence.EntityResult

    public @interface EntityResult
Where can we use these targetless annotations? They are to be used as nested annotations inside other enclosing annotations. Maybe we need a new target value NESTED? For example, @ActivationConfigProperty can only be used inside @javax.ejb.MessageDriven to specify properties for the Message-Driven Bean (MDB):
activationConfig = {
propertyValue="name='java' AND bugs < 1")
public class MessageBean implements MessageListener {
@javax.persistence.EntityResult can only be used as nested annotation inside @javax.persistence.SqlResultSetMapping. Here is a more complex example from its java doc, with 3 nested annotations at 3 different levels:
@EntityResult(entityClass=com.acme.Order.class, fields={
@FieldResult(name="id", column="order_id"),
@FieldResult(name="quantity", column="order_quantity"),
@FieldResult(name="item", column="order_item")})},


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