Project-wide find and replace in NetBeans 6

I am so glad to notice that NetBeans 6 (development build) now supports project-wide find and replace. See my previous post about this bug that plagued NetBeans since 2001. This bug fix is long overdue, but it's great to see NetBeans now has the real find-replace.

So in NetBeans 6, I can click on a project node, or package node, or any directory node in my project, and find. The pop-up window lets you specify the replacement string and options (case-sensitive, match whole word, regular expression, etc).

What's really nice is, it then opens up output windows where you can review, select, and de-select matches for replace:


MED said...

i want to find and replace a text with the first letter uppercased, example:
return object;
replace it with:
return Object;
and that using regular expressions

Anonymous said...

It still doesn't work. (6.9)
I get the Project Find & Replace dialog, I put in the pattern and its replacement, and there is only a Find button down at the bottom. No Replace button. I hit the find button, and it gives me a list of "Items Found, To Be Replaced" in the feedback window. So it knows what it's supposed to do, it's just not doing it.

The Help button also sucks, it just gives generic help on finds and replaces. It does not address Project-Wide Replace at all.

I should not have to play guess-guess with a main command like this. I hope both of these things can be improved.

Thank you.

author said...

Check the option "Replace in projects" in the edit menu in netbeans.

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