My tcsh notes

Settings to remember when I need to use tcsh in a foreign environment:

set prompt="%/ > "
# set prompt="%{\033]0;%M: %c\007%}%/ > "
set complete=enhance
set autolist=true

set colorcat
setenv GREP_OPTIONS --color=auto
setenv GREP_COLOR 32
Copy the above lines to $HOME/.tcshrc. The first 3 are the most important ones to remember. Setting prompt to "%/ > " puts the $cwd in the front of the command prompt. $cwd is the same as the all-upper-case $PWD but is easier to type.

To list current key bindings in tcsh:
$ bindkey
"^A" -> beginning-of-line
"^D" -> delete-char-or-list-or-eof
"^E" -> end-of-line
"^I" -> complete-word
"^J" -> newline
"^K" -> kill-line
"^L" -> clear-screen
"^M" -> newline
"^P" -> up-history
"^T" -> transpose-chars
"^U" -> kill-whole-line
"^W" -> kill-region
... ...
To use vi-mode or emacs-mode command-line editing and navigation:
bindkey -v
bindkey -e


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